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Shore leave

spockThere’s a scene in Star Trek V that really sticks with me… in a good way.  And there aren’t that many that do from that sequel… Yeash! But the one that does, in a good way, is Kirk, Spock and Bones camping out in Yosemite, roasting marsh melons (a terrible joke – like Spock would call a marshmallow a marsh melon!) Anyway Bones points out that they spend all their time driving each other crazy on the job and what do they do when they get some shore leave? They hang out with each other.

We have a similar experience at a work party today at Bay Beach. Well, I don’t know that we drive each other crazy per se… ‘Work party’ sounds like a contradiction in terms but it is genuinely nice spending time with one another, inside and outside of work.

I just can’t believe we didn’t roast any marsh melons!