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Yesterday, I mean today

Oops!  The thing about being “daily” is when you miss a day, the whole world misses you.  I’m back and with post-dating blog entries, it’s like I never missed. But I miss you, too.

What threw me on Sunday is what threw all of Green Bay.  That tornado warning at 3am. When TL and I woke up from the smart phone alert and then the sirens going off, I went outside to see what was what.  It wasn’t even raining.

“It’s not even raining” said I. “You don’t need rain for a tornado” said TL.

I accept most of what TL says as fact, if only after double-checking Wikipedia… But is that true?  Can there just be a tornado without a drop?

Anyway, it started raining hard and according to the TV weather team, it looked like the storm was eminent. So we gathered the children who were wonderful despite this interruption to their slumber.


Turned out, no tornadoes. No complaints.  Kids went to sleep, we went to Mass and made it to the EAA.

But wow, we were pooped.  Too pooped to blog. Unless, of course, I used a time machine and did publish a post on June 26th.  The world may never know.