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4th of July 2016

It’s funny how strange having a regular weekday off.  My regular Monday alarms will be going off for Exposition, for Mass, for posting the daily Mass audio, for Reposition… and it seems so odd.  Sometimes I’d remark how early it was, sometimes it seemed like time was speeding away.

A pretty unremarkable day though.  We had a nice cookout… and it’s not often I make two food items on the grill to perfection, but I did. Then we did have a remarkable berry pie that the girls made.

Then we survived another bonfire, I really wish there were tranquilizer darts for the kids sometimes, a bonfire is one such time.

Of course with it being the 4th of July, it sounds a lot like World War III.  Fortunately the 3rd of July was pretty active, too… so our neighbors are almost out of ammo.