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National Nude Day

Early this morning I heard the alarm that Nighttime Damien thought Daytime Damien would wake up to. Daytime D put it on snooze. Then I heard the ultimate alarm clock, my 3 yo calling me. I walked in my sons’ rooms and noticed that my 5 yo had no pajama pants on… or underwear.

That raised my Vulcan eyebrow but I attended to my living alarm clock. Later, when I dressed for work, there was my 5 year old, sitting half nude on the couch next to his brother.

“Lee, why are you not wearing underwear?”

“Mom said I should take them off”

Talking to my wife later she said he was too hot last night to sleep so she told him to take off his pajama pants but it was too dark to see he had taken everything off.

Then I noticed the hashtag #NationalNudeDay was trending on Twitter. How did he know?