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It’s Levi Day

July 19th,  Levi Day.  Yes, Levi woke up and decided it was his day.  Not a bad idea.  Maybe today is your day.

Today was also a free admission day at the National Railroad Museum. (Thanks for the tip, Nancy!) My wife took the kiddos and said it was crazy busy and that the free train ride tickets were all sold out by the time they arrived.  Of course that never stopped my wife.  They ended up riding twice.

We also went to Teresa’s softball practice/game.  There Levi met a boy about his own age. Maybe a little older.  He and Levi got into a foot race and this kid was fast. Way faster than Levi. So what did Levi say to him? “You’re fast. Faster than me. But I’m still stronger than you!”

That’s our boy and today was his day. Tap on the video below to see more fun from Levi Day.