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Smile More

You know, I’m not big into the “Doomsday/The End is Nigh” type thing because nobody really knows the day or hour.  But if you were to ask me to wager, yeah, I think we’re approaching End Times.

A. When was the last time you saw an American flag that wasn’t half mast? They are actually manufacturing half-sized flag poles for the sake of convenience.

B. Just look at our presidential nominees. ‘Nuff said.

Now I’m not filled with gloom because these are End Times but more of a spirit of appreciating the time we have. I’ve been really getting into vlogging and vloggers and one of my favorites is Roman Atwood. He’s a daily vlogger which is something I really respect because if you’re brave enough to put the adjective “Daily” in front of something that you do, you’re a little insane.  This guy is a lot crazy but has a big heart and his motto, Smile More, is something we all should do.

Let’s face the music and dance.