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Tall Ships

It happens but once every three years.  The tall ships dock in Green Bay for the big Tall Ships Festival. It was a beautiful day. So beautiful everyone in Green Bay showed up. Well, at least it seemed that way.


The boys not so sure about the pirate

The boys not so sure about the pirate

Tall ships have long lines… and lots of rope. Now I love a good line.  My wife thinks I’m a bit crazy for liking crazy long lines.  But these were good quality lines. And long lines make you appreciate what you’re waiting for more than if you just walked in. Add on carrying a three year old who doesn’t share your philosophy of loving long lines, and you have an awesome, awesome long line experience.


The ships really were worth the wait.  I took a ton of video and pictures. I trimmed it down as best I could but wanted you to get our experience.  Oh, but wait in a line for about two hours first before you press play. Oh, yeah, we waited in four lines (my wife and boys more).


I missed some great pics my wife took for the video but I’ll post them here.

The world's largest rubber ducky! Where's Ernie?

The world’s largest rubber ducky! Where’s Ernie?