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Harbour Village Log – Day One 07.06.15

I thought it might be fun to post some family vacation journals of old. You might have guessed, I’m a natural born journalist.  Even when I wasn’t keeping a daily blog, I liked to record our vacation memories.  Reading these to the kids helps them remember and relive some of the fun we’ve had camping over the years.  It’s amazing what you forget, too. Those little details only a journal can remember.

July 6th, 2015 – 10:15 pm

Welcome to another Schmitt Family Summer vacation!  We’ve vacated our blessed home this afternoon and have taken up temporary occupancy in Cabin P3 at Harbour Village.  Teresa was 1st to step foot in our very cozy wooden cabin. We all love it here. Rain was first to greet us here but it isn’t here to stay according to the forecast.  After we settled in, we decided to go to the camp store to get a couple bundles of wood for a possible fire later in the night.  We drove around the campgrounds and spied all the things we’d like to do without the rain’s company.

Back at the cabin we watched a movie (Madagascar) and ate brats, carrots, potato salad and chips. I then decided to make a go of a campfire even though it never stopped raining.  Teresa was a little freaked out bu the bats flying about in the misty night sky.  The songs of the little lake also filled the air.  We stood around the fire (the only one I that I could see lit in the campgrounds) and after a spell went back inside.

Levi went to bed the easiest of all the kids.  He was happy to have his own bed in his own room. We should probably leave him a little something extra in our wills for going to bed so well.  Teresa seemed to spill everything from her bunk bed’s perch.  Her water bottle until the lid came off.  And then a glow bracelet.  Micah is still awake, I am guessing.  TL and him went into the living room to wind down.