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Harbour Village Log – Day Two 07.07.15

July 7th, 2015

Day two of our adventure started with vomit.  Today it was Micah, who woke up screaming in Pack n’ Play.  Sure enough, he was covered in vomit.  Must have caught the bug from Levi who had thrown up the day before.  The sickness played out much the same way: two good barfs and you’re done.  At least that’s the way this historian remembers it and I’m the only one typing.

We didn’t sleep all that well the previous night.  Maybe too much excitement.  Maybe too much caffeine.  We may never know.

After the clean up crew cleaned up Mike, we decided to have some fun on the campgrounds.  On our way we noticed the little peddle on the the pond’s beach seemed to hop away.  The pebbles were actually little frogs.  So small many of them still had their tadpole tails.

The jumping pillow was a lot of fun… even if you obeyed all the rules of which, there were many.  The kids loved the playground, too.  Levi really excelled on the horsey swings – he names is horse #1 – though it was brown. Next stop was the peddle cars. I think I got in a better work out with those than I get with P90x.  I peddled Levi, Micah, TL and Teresa around the camper sites with Teresa being my peddle partner. Wow!  That was a leg Eventually TL took Teresa’s place. and paddled back to the check in.  Levi and Teresa then went out for a solo adventure on the bikes.

We then had lunch but I can’t remember what we had.  I think it was light because I remember lifting it quite easily.  The highlight was the pie for the kids… a strawberry pie that TL made from our annual strawberry picking.  It was all Micah could do to stay awake during lunch – of which he refrained from.  So whilest he napped, TL took the kids swimming and I grilled supper.  I donned my new Grilling Apron and I think it helped me make the best ones of my career.  I also got to read Lord of the Rings  (still reading it from last vacation).

After Micah’s awakening Levi, Teresa and I went fishing and TL took Micah to the beach.  His spirits were much better.  The Harbour Village Fishing pond also doubled as a water fountain. After some nibbles but no bites on some grubs, I decided it was time to go old school and bought some night crawlers.  Micah and TL joined us for a bit and Micah casted his pacifier in the pond.  We switched baits but the Spider-man Fishing pole broke down.  So I told Levi and Teresa to join the others at the beach while I switched rods at the cabin.  As I was setting up the rod, a familiar face walked up to me and said, “Excuse me, sir.  I was just wondering if you’d recommend this camp for a family vacation.”  I was in sunglasses and fishing clothes but said, “Hey, Joe, it’s me , Damien”  It was Joe Giganti.  Their family was thinking about vacationing at P4.  I signaled TL to come back to the cabin so they could take a peak inside.

Then it was off to one last try fishing.  We were running out of precious daylight but I knew we could catch one — I just had “that feeling”… hard to describe but impossible to ignore. After a few good nibbles, something took the bobber down and Levi reeled it in like a pro. He was very excited about his first catch… a 4-5 inch sunfish.  Mission accomplished!

We high-tailed it back to the cabin and took off for mini golf.  The course was pretty good.  A little better than Jellystone but none of the holes were marked.  Some were pretty crazy and a few I’d guess would be a par 5.  Didn’t really keep score well. The kids were all over the course but TL got at least two hole-in-ones.

We then ate our supper and I built up a campfire while the rest explored the game room.  The bats flew way closer to the surface of the pond which was fun to which as the fire grew.  We roasted marshmallows, and made s’mores.  I also warmed a little of my famous slow-carb chili.  We told scary story in the round and also lit a sparkler.  One each.

As we were winding down for the night Teresa couldn’t find “her” iPod anywhere.  At long last the search ended but not before Teresa retired to her bed.  Levi and Micah easily went down to sleep as well.