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Harbour Village Log – Day Three 07.08.15

July 8, 2015

Slow start. I’m usually the early bird in the family.  That can be verified by the fact that I got the worms yesterday for fishing.  I did wake up first — but waking up and getting up are two entirely different things.  Micah, too, stirred in his Pack n’ Play (which we moved into our room) but decided to remain down on the mat.  We were all pretty pooped out from Day 2.

Finally we got about the business of packing up with a check out time of 11 am.  Almost made that deadline but we took a few pics on the deck. My packing skills aren’t as honed as TL’s.  I got everything in the van but I also couldn’t see out the back window.  After check out, with rod and reel and tackle box,  Teresa and I decided to catch her first fish.  We knew we had to act fast since the day was essentially already half over.  My rod was on its last legs but had enough casts to land a 4 inch sunfish.  As Teresa was reeling it in and the fish got closer to her, she began running away from the fish and then the rod.  But I managed to take a few quick pics of the the two of them together.

We then joined TL and the boys who were just closing up the van to go into the water park.  TL had showed off her Tetris skills and managed to rearrange our stuff into the van in such a way that we could now see out the back window.

The kids really enjoyed the waterpark.  Not too busy on the weekdays it appeared. Especially when a lifeguard began to pass the time by picking weeds. Teresa and Lee showed off their swimming prowess and proudly made it across the lily pads and spent much of the time in the deep end off the pool. We ate a quick lunch of cheese and crackers in the pool area and then Micah crashed on me for a much-needed nap while TL took the other kids back out. We think the temp got up to 70 but honestly it felt like a warm 70 at times.  That sun was beating down – and as I laid on a chair with Micah protected under towels I could feel my skin begin to sizzle.  Needless to say we all got a little burned. TL and me especially.

After our showers, we left Harbour Village for PC Junction… for some train delivered food.  (I must note we came across Stella Maris Catholic parish which was awesome since she’s such a major part of my upcoming web comic — which was more amazing was we came across not one but two parishes named Stella Maris) Levi was beat and fell asleep on the road there. When he awoke, we we at our station of the train tracks, Ellison Bay.  The kids got their kid fare (none of which Micah ate), TL got a great perch sandwich and I had the special of the day cajon burger with cheese and bacon.  They were both great.  Our waitress was really good, too.  She upped her tip from $8 to $10.  So you know she was good.

We then explored the PC junction grounds.  Couldn’t find Rosie the 300 lb pig but I didn’t inquire since the special of the day included bacon.  The PC Junction peddle cars were in rougher shape than Harbour Village’s and made for a tougher trek.

We bade farewell to PC and headed back to GB which seemed like a much longer trip than the way there.  Levi longed to live in our cabin and have his own room and bed.  He mentioned that… repeatedly.  I guess that’s the sign of a great vacation, which it definitely was.