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Jellystone Park at Door County 07.06.14

The Arrival – Day One 7/6/14

Well, we made it to Jellystone and our Cabin, Cabin #1.  Pretty amazing it’s less than an hour drive.  I think the kids were amazed how short of a drive it was.  The camp grounds are pretty quaint.  This was the first Jellystone Park and I’m sure not too much has changed.

Big statues of Yogi, Boo Boo, and Ranger Smith.  A geiser that erupts at the top of every hour.  A ranger station with a store where we bought our firewood.  Despite only being in the 70s today it felt warm.  Even in the pool.  We swam for a bit met Yogi Bear at the Ranger station wow – he is a tall bear) then came “home” to Cabin 1.

I lit the grill and battled the rain to get six hamburgers grilled.  It was an epic battle fought with aluminum foil, an umbrella and a special lighter for windy conditions.  We ate and made it back to the Jellystone outdoor theatre for a few Yogi cartoons.  Now the kids know who Yogi is.

The rain subsided on our way back to Cabin 1.  We lit a campfire, roasted marshmallows, and lit some sparklers.  “I think the fire is trying to reach the moon!” was Levi’s poetic verse.  Now Teresa is in the top bunk, Levi is her bunk mate below.  Micah is resting in his pack and play and I will join my wife in a few moments.

We must be having fun and doing something right.  There’s a TV in this Cabin and it hasn’t been turned on.