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Jellystone Park at Door County 07.07.14

Monday, July 7, 2014 -Jellystone, Door County

Good morning.  It is a bit after 7:30 am as I write this journal.  I always say, the test of a good journal writing is that he writes about his experiences even when he’s dog tired.

I was slow to sleep last night.  I think we finally settled the herd of cats, known as our kids, down around 11.  Teresa bravely took the top bunk, with great pride.  I imagine all sorts of bugs crawling in my crevices and mice running about… for that’s what it’s like at Camp. I did wake up from a strange dream which made me very happy because that meant I did get some sleep.  And REM sleep – the best kind.  After that, I was able to drift off again a few times.

Teresa woke up and wondered if it was time to wake up.  I asked her what time the clock i her room said, and she said 4:30.  No, no.  Go back to bed.  And don’t wake up Levi.

It’s a little before 8 now and Micah stirred from his pack and play and is now in bed with Mama.  Hard to believe I would just be getting off to work shortly.  My first day off has even yet to officially begin!

I’ve been reading The Fellowship of the Ring since I decided slumber was a poor way to spend a vacay. I think I’ll get back to it now since that’s about everything that has happened since last I wrote.


So what didn’t we do today?  We packed in a lot.  Including two trips to the pool (technically three).  As we were leaving the pool for the cabin we ran into John Cavil.  He showed me where his cabin/beach was — really just down the block, in case we wanted to go.

We then fired up the grill and made bacon cheeseburger which we ate on the porch with a pic-a-nic table cloth.

After lunch we played minature golf.  Princi and I both got a hole in one and the kids actually played he whole 18 holes.

Oh, the girls also made the craft – painted wind catchers.

At night we got a good fire going and were about to roast hotdogs when the skies opened up and it poured.  Levi and I had to run for cover.  It poured and poured but the fire was so hot I managed to get it going again after the rain clouds pasted.

We roasted some hotdogs and then experimented with pudgy pies.  One experiment that didn’t work – if a pudgy pie is falling out of the pudge pie maker, don’t trie to catch it with your hands.  Fortunately it only hurt – really bad.

Levi was on the brink of conking out right when the fire started.  But we blew a second wind into him and he was the last child asleep.  He then had a night terror — he was so loud that I saw Micah wake up, look around, access the situation, shrug his shoulders and then went back to sleep — he was so tired.