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Jellystone Park at Door County 07.08.14

July 8, 2014 – Last Day at Jellystone

Good morning!  It’s also me and Princi’s 8th anniversary of being married.

Everyone is still snoozing from all the fun of yesterday.  Having fun is a lot of work.  There is a sign right above me that states Check-Out is at 11 am and that’s going to happen fast.

I better get dressed soon and hit the dishes we made.

It’s been a great trip and it’s hard to believe we still have a little bit left.  Not sure what our plans for after check out are going to be.


It’s been a few months since I started the July 8th log.  I’m at the Starbuck’s on Oneida St. drinking a free Venti Salted Caramel Mocha (Birthday Reward) after my 4-6am walk for the 40 Days for life.  Everyone seems to pay with apps now. But I digress.

A few more memories of the Camping Trip before they fade.

It’s always sad leaving a fun vacation.  Packing for home is never as much fun as packing to get somewhere.  But we cleaned the place up really well.  We couldn’t hang out longer at the pool because the rain would come and go and it was pretty cold if I remember correctly.  Maybe not.  That’s my memory though.

So we asked about what restaurants might be nice to visit with kids in Door County.  We found one that had train-delivered food.  In other words, Levi’s paradise.  P.C. Junction.  It was a pretty great time.  Always something to see with the model train delivering food or towing cargo of stuffed animals and toys.  We were lucky because the restaurant closed not too long after we finished.  We just made it!  It was part of a larger bar and grill complex that was mostly closed.  We did get to ride around in adult big wheels.  That was really fun.  When I peddled my legs to the limits of speed, Levi began singing his “Rock N’ Roll Train” song as we sped along… he was really in the moment.

There was also a 500 pound pig there which was a sit to see.  That’s a lot of bacon!

So there you have it – as you like it.  After that, we drove home.  Very pretty country.  And though it was not too far of a drive, I had trouble keeping my eyes open, so T.L. took over driving after some of my swerving.

Home, Sweet Home!  A very fun trip indeed.  Hope you had fun strolling down Memory Lane.