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Harbour Village Surprise

August 9, 2016

I didn’t think I’d be writing you from inside a camper tonight. You never know what surprise the day may bring. Somedays you get cabins, somedays you get campers. But when we pulled to the end of the cabins and our slip, P1, looked more RV-ish than log cabin-esque, we knew something was wrong. At lest it wasn’t a tent.

We’re once again vacationing at Harbour Village. We had such a great time last year in the cabin and decided to book one for this summer.

Turns out, our cabin was supposed to arrive in May and didn’t. And is now scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

“You were supposed to get a phone call.” We didn’t.

I am impressed by my wife. She was very positive about the whole thing. I didn’t even have to give her the “make lemonade out of an RV” speech.

She did get us a discount and a free cord of wood.

We made our way into our mini home. It’s cozy. Super cozy. Cozy is code for small. I saw this fascinating TED talk one on a couple moving into one of those tiny 1200 sq ft homes.  Made me wonder if I could do that. This is kinda like that on wheels. The whole thing bounces when anyone walks from one “room” to another. That’s cool too because I always wondered what it’d be like to live in California with earthquakes. It’s the best of both worlds. Levi thinks it’s even better than the cabin last year and when you factor in the tiny home/earthquake experience, he may be right. I do love his enthusiasm.

When we opened the door, the kids ran inside with glee, as is their nature. Then they ran out. It was super hot inside and the kids had startled the resident flies. These flies seem much more agile than the Brown County variety. It took a bit to adjust our swatter swings but finally we took back the camper from them. The Fly Massacre will live in infamy. That is if flies have history.

After unpacking the van, we walked over to the beach for a dip in the harbour, and I walked back, fired up the grill and made cheese hamburgers for supper. Then, after an apple pie for dessert, we went outside for a nice campfire with everyone telling a fireside story… Even Micah.

The stars were beautiful. The night sky chivalrous. The same for king or camper-er. The  immense majesty of the night sky really gives you perspective. Makes you feel smaller some how. But then you feel like a giant again…when your feet hang over the end of the Prince-sized bed. Rest in peace, Prince. Hope we can get some rest, too.