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Harbour Village Vacay 2016 – Day 2

Harbour Village Day 2, 2016

I’ve been known not to sleep well in foreign beds. Rome was a big example of that. Also Florence… Wisconsin. Sometimes for deer camp, I just can’t sleep. Could blame it on adrenelene in anticipation of bagging a buck, The agony of deer defeat, or

temperature, or mice surreying around the wall work. But I blame it on foreign bed syndrome. This isn’t my bed!

I slept great last night though. The bed would’ve been on the firm side for Goldilocks but it nailed my sleep number. Maybe I need a firmer mattress? Maybe I need a box and not a boxspring?

So all of that is to say I slept well last night. Everyone did in fact. And Teresa didn’t roll off her top bunk… Which was also good for Levi since he was directly underneath.

We had a breakfast we look forward to every year. It’s so special, it’s reserved for camping only. Eggs, corned beef and hash, and toast. That, my friend, is soul food because I can feel my soul sing like Pavarotti while I eat it. Or it could be the radio… The only item in the cabin’s entertainment center that we can figure out. But who wants TV when you’re camping anyway? Put your hands down, kids.

We spent the morning at the beach and had a fine time there. It was weather we wished for our last two camping trips. Balmy. Sunny sky with the prettiest white fluffy clouds and a warm breeze that made the trees sway like they were doing the hula. A warm sandy beach is another thing that makes one’s soul sing. Nice in between your toes, too.

Micah was quite content. If there’s sand he can play in and rocks he can throw in water, he’s a happy boy. Teresa and Lee did a good deal of swimming. We swam out to an inflated iceberg in the middle of the lake and then swam across the lake and back again. Took a swimming break to catch a butterfly (catch and release) and swam out to a big floating “Jungle Jim”. Kids weren’t too crazy about climbing onto it, but upon it Levi found their main objective for this camping trip: finding a frog.

There he was in all his green glory, the most perfectly frogly frog you’ve ever could imagine. He was about the size of an obese quarter… It’s a real credit to Lee that he spotted him at all. We called for the toy bug catcher whole we kept an eye on the fog. TL swam it out to us as Teresa watched Micah. It was a total team effort. The frog jumped into the Jungle Jim as I approached him with the bug catcher.  I got him after a couple of attempts. Let me tell you, I don’t think anything could have pleased Levi and Teresa more than that little guy.

Levi quickly named him Lightening Bolt. We tried to make his accommodations as pleasant as possible. Twigs and long pine needles decorated Lightening’s pad. Levi and I then walked the circumference of the lake and decided it was time for lunch. Back to the camper.

TL made us some delicious sandwiches of which Teresa refrained due to yet another loose tooth. Her baby teeth seem to hang on for dear life because this thing just would not come out. Yes, Teresa had a dramatic moment. SHE COULDN’T. EAT. ANYTHING. It sure seems like the end of the world. So I got her a blue slushie from the camp store.  That made things a little better but really she decided to forget about her tooth woes and just have fun. I’m proud of her for that!

After lunch, we made our way to the big water pool but before that,  we released the frog. So catch and release again. And then catch and release, catch and release, catch and release… The kids kept catching it again and again to say goodbye. Levi was tickled pink when Lightening actually jumping onto his arm one last time.

Big water pool: We always start slowly there with the kiddie pool stuff but eventually graduated to slides and leap pads. I became attached to Mikey who was trying desperately to communicate with me with English. Granted, English is not his first language. Crying is his native tongue. I felt helpless to interpret until finally I realized he wanted a snack. So back to Harbour Village store for another 75¢ slushie (seems like a throwback price). That perked Mikey back up and he shared it with everyone.

Are you getting tired? No, we’re not done yet! After a change of clothes and a snack we went on peddle cars. Levi trains the whole year on his big wheel for this event. Yes, that includes winter… Levi on a peddle bike is a self actualized boy. Teresa had a harder time of it and Micah ended up being pushed by mama.

We then spent sometime on a play set until we headed home to the camper. We built a campfire and roasted hotdogs for supper and marshmallows for s’mores for dessert but not necessarily in that order.

The kids were tuckered out. After we tucked them into bed, I went back outside to burn the rest of the wood, reflect fondly upon the day and write the words you are reading now.