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Today’s Harvest

We’re back in Green Bay. I was back at work today.  Felt really strange putting on my work clothes… especially my dress shoes after my time off.  I originally had Friday off but we thought if I wasn’t too wiped out from all the camping fun, it’d be smarter to save my time off for when the baby comes. And I’m glad I did come in.  Way easier to come back in on a Friday than a Monday. Friday’s have a looser feel. And the next day is Saturday!

I think the kids were in recovery mode from all the fun and late nights camping.  Micah was the first up though — ever the morning person.  I think he appreciated having all his toys to play with and was building towers out of blocks when I departed for work.

He was the only one who came outside with me to pick the bountiful harvest of tomatoes. I think this has been a record crop for us but when you keep breaking records, it’s hard to tell… because the records are broken. Check out our harvest in the vlog: