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Why I can’t write this post

I made a vow today to write for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. 30 for 30.  Not to be confused with the sports videos named 30 for 30 or a weight loss competition.

Okay, you may be confused anyway. I’m not going to judge. Out loud.

The Fellowship of the Thirty

At the time Brett suggested this novus 30 for 30, I was 100% done for the cause. But as I sit here on the precipice, I’m wondering “how did I ever get on this precipice?” They are not comfortable places to sit.

But I dare not turn to Brett and say he must carry this burden by himself.

So on we go.

Why I can’t write this.

Oh, I have a million reasons not to write this.  Well, more like five or six. I was never good with numbers. Well, once or twice I was. Maybe five or six times.

Have you ever tried to do something every day?  Consistency is a hard thing.  Take it from a guy who has a blog named The Daily Damien. It’s hard to live up to that name.

Okay, a more profound reason. Besides it’s hard.  Because for some people, like Brett, that’s a reason to do something. Here it is.  Brett, maybe you should stop reading this now because it could give you real cause to stop your journey.

I started a new paragraph to give Brett a fair chance to stop.

Last chance, Brett.

Okay, here it is. The more time I spend writing, the less time I have to read. John Steinbeck and I use the same words (except for a few), but he puts them together so much more masterfully. And that’s just a shame. I could be reading right now!

Last reason I’ll give here. Perfection. You have a blank piece of paper. Only an artist or a five year old has the guts to do anything with it because that paper is perfect.

But paper is cheap and Picassos are pricy.

We have the guts.